Colourful by nature

The first Ness store, opened 1997
367 High Street, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh UK

A Scottish boy meets a Canadian girl...

A chance meeting at a St Patrick’s Day Ball, the boy steals a dance with the girl! Was it the kilt that caught her eye, or her Canadian lilt that turned his head? Who knows, but that night a new & exciting chapter begins. Romantic tales of Edinburgh sparks the girl’s sense of adventure; together they head home. There, the girl dreams about a brand that reflects all that’s great about Scotland, nothing old-fashioned or frumpy, but something that’s colourful and uniquely Scottish.

Ness is born, and the rest is history.

Ness is a creative and colourful lifestyle brand,
bursting with individual, iconic style;
taking inspiration from Scotland and delivering
Scottish heritage into the present day,
through colour and design.